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Iconic Car Decals in Pop Culture: From Movies to Music Videos

Classic american muscle car There’s no doubt about it—cars are more than just machines; they are icons that represent eras, movements, and even individual personalities. From the glamorous vintage cars of the ’50s to the modern electric marvels of today, automobiles have always been a significant part of our cultural landscape. But what is it that adds that extra dash of personality, that finishing touch, to a car? Often, it’s the decal.

Decals have been used in various forms to adorn cars for decades. From modest factory emblems to grandiose custom designs, these decorations turn an average vehicle into a conversation starter. While some decals have gained notoriety through racing circuits or tuning scenes, others have catapulted to fame through pop culture mediums like movies and music videos. In this article, we will cruise through some iconic car decals that have left a lasting impression on pop culture.

The Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Who you gonna call? Anyone who’s seen the 1984 classic ‘Ghostbusters’ will instantly recognize the Ecto-1, the Cadillac ambulance/hearse combo turned ghost-fighting machine. This vehicle’s decal—essentially the Ghostbusters’ logo—is iconic. It adds a layer of identity to the car, transforming it into a character in its own right.

Batmobile’s Bat-Symbol

Batman’s Batmobile has gone through various incarnations over the decades, but one thing remains constant—the Bat-Symbol. It might be on the wheels, the steering wheel, or even prominently displayed on the hood, but the decal is always present. It’s an identity marker for one of pop culture’s most iconic cars.

“MFP” in Mad Max

The dystopian world of Mad Max has given us many memorable vehicles, but none more so than Max’s V8 Interceptor. Complete with a supercharger and the “MFP” decal—short for Main Force Patrol—the car is a symbol of law enforcement in a lawless world.

James Bond’s Aston Martin

The 007 franchise has made the Aston Martin synonymous with British elegance and spy-worthy gadgets. While the car usually doesn’t sport any flashy decals, the occasional government insignia or covert symbols subtly embroidered somewhere within the car’s luxurious interior make it uniquely Bond.

The Jurassic Park SUVs

Few cars capture imagination like the tour vehicles in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster, ‘Jurassic Park.’ These Ford Explorers, adorned with the Jurassic Park logo and matching color scheme, are so iconic they have inspired real-life replicas.


Decals do more than just decorate; they help cars tell stories, capture imaginations, and become cultural icons. From movies to music videos, these adhesive artworks lend a layer of identity that can make a vehicle as memorable as any human character. So next time you consider customizing your car, remember that a decal could very well turn your ride into the next pop culture sensation.